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11 Luxury White Elephant Gifts That Guaranteed To be Be Stolen

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Are you still looking for White Elephant gift ideas? These are on the lux side so if you are looking for white elephant gifts everyone will fight for under $100 look no further!

In this guide you will find gift ideas for the cook, coffee enthusiast, home buddy, germaphobe, outdoorsy friend and more!

Get something your friends and family will enjoy and actually use. These are the top rated Christmas gifts 2020 that are perfect pics as unique white elephant gift ideas.

  1. Soft and Cozy Ugg Blanket

  2. Warm and relaxing Foot Massager

  3. Sous Vide Coking system

  4. Tushy Spa Warm Water Bidet

  5. Stylish Picnic Basket

  6. Click and Grow Mini Herbal garden

  7. Nespresso Coffee Machine

  8. Drip Coffee System

  9. Phone Charger and Sanitizer

  10. Plug In Home Fragrance

  11. Massage Gun

I hope this guide helps you find the best White Elephant gifts or any family a friends gift exchange.



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