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Best Anti-Aging Serum And Retinol Natural Alternative

This anti aging natural retinol alternative serum is one of my favorite skincare finds this year so far. I love skincare products with visible results and my skin felt firmer and lifted after only a few uses. Caudalie created a firming serum that’s highly natural and clean. They are using the ingredient called GRAPEVINE RESVERATROL that's known to stimulate the skin’s youth protein activity.

The packaging is gorgeous and I love that it's recyclable. The product boxes use lighter FSC paper allowing the carbon footprint to be reduced by 40%. I love quality skincare companies that care about the environment as well.

My Personal Before And After Results

The image below shows my cleansed skin on the LEFT and immediately after applying Resveratrol-Lift Instant Firming Serum on the RIGHT. No filter has been used to show the true effect of the serum. You can see my skin looks firmer and the skin tone is more even. This anti aging serum smooths facial contours thanks to Caudalie patent of Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vegan Collagen Alternative.

The consistency is very light and one pump is enough for my skin. I typically use this serum at night time before going to bed, only once per day. In the mornings I use the Vitamin C serum that I love! You can read about my other skincare favorites here!

I keep most of my beauty products in the skincare fridge - not only it helps to keep my lotions and serums fresh and last longer, it also feels amazing on my skin.

*Quick tip - keep your jade roller in the fridge and use it after applying serum for better absorption!


Overall I couldn't be happier with this serum. I've never committed to retinol knowing all the possible side effects. I was extremely happy to learn that this formula is a natural retinol alternative and is safe to use. Despite this product being gifted to me, the review is completely honest. I always test products prior to writing the reviews and make sure I love them before sharing.




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