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Capsule Wardrobe Essentials In 6 easy steps

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

A quick guide to creating the ultimate capsule wardrobe.

Discover some fall closet staples that you can mix and match in order to plan your casual and trendy outfits in advance.

Step 1 - Basics

White t-shirt goes a long way. Invest in a good quality t-shirt. It can have patterns to your liking but the idea behind this is a neutral canvas that you can add on to and mix with multiple styles.

Step 2 - Pick your bottoms

I am all about trendy distressed denim and leather leggings and joggers. Both are so easy to find, there are multiple fits to chose from and you can create effortless style look.

Leather joggers trend is becoming so popular and rightfully so - it's the perfect combination of edgy and comfy that every fashionista needs!

Step 3 - Outwear

For the Fall Capsule Wardrobe it's essential to select some outwear pieces. The classic camel coat and a biker leather jacket are definitely some of the favorites. Some of the trendy ideas include sherpa teddy coat and sherpa denim jacket for those colder days.

Step 4-Let's talk Shoes

To create a successful capsule footwear collection, stick to the basics. I recommend investing in a pair of timeless heels that can be worn with a pair of ripped jeans, leather leggings or a classic evening dress.

Since we splurged on the pumps, we can always save and find a cute pair of suede booties on sale and throw in a pair of versatile leather sneakers for those casual outfits.

Step 5 - Accessories and Extras

One of my personal favorites and a must have is a black slip dress. You can wear it on its own or throw a sweater over it for a trendy slouchy look. I absolutely love a slip dress and leather jacket look with come combat boots! So trendy and stylish!

Scarves, hats, beanies and jewelry are all fun add ons needed to transform your outfit from day to night, from casual to formal and from chilly to warm.

Don't be scared to add a chunky or layered necklace or a silk skull scarf to finish your look!

Step 6 - Mix and Match

You are all set girlfriend! It's time to mix your basics to create effortless and stylish outfits! Have fun and don't forget to accessorize!



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